Accredited Mental Health Social Worker – Perspective Enhancement Therapy

Dr Carolyn Perry – B.A, B Soc Wk; M Soc Wk; PhD, Psychotherapist and NDIS Provider

As a social worker with over 28 years of experience and meditation teacher, I have always held a strong desire to see improved mental health services for individuals and their families.
My PhD thesis completed in 2008 entitled Towards a Theory of Perspective Enhancement for Mental Health allowed me to develop a practice framework to better understand the conditions and contingent factors that contribute to an enhanced state of mental health and well-being for people experiencing disillusionment with life. I strongly believe that therapeutic landscapes and spiritual growth are fundamental to our well-being.

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Why You Need That Annual Health Check


Jan, 2023

Why You Need That Annual Health Check

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Start 2023 the best way you can for your health, by making your annual health check appointment with one of the Doctors here at Goodwin Drive Family Medical Centre. Having regular health checks with your GP can help identify any early signs of health issues or concerns. And finding these problems early improves the chances of effectively treating any concerns or implementing strategies to minimise onset. That’s why, no matter…