Ear Wax Management

Ear Wax Management and Cleaning

Cerumen impaction (also known as ear wax) is a common presentation to a general practitioner. Ear syringing is often the treatment of choice; however, patients can experience major complications following syringing

At Goodwin Drive Family Medical Centre, we offer an advanced way to help patients with the external ear issues. Our doctors specialise in ear health and have been helping patients by using sophisticated equipment that are often unavailable through most family practices or emergency departments.

Ear toileting or suctioning equipment is extremely helpful to illuminate the external auditory canal plus performing suctioning under direct vision.

Ear toileting can be used for:

  • Wax impaction
  • Otitis externa (infection in the skin of the ear canal)
  • Middle ear infection with discharge from a perforation or grommet
  • Removal of foreign objects, like beads in children

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